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Available Cards

  • Current cards from the Bureau of Engraving & Printing's Intaglio Print Program are available for purchase online, in addition to a number of historic BEP engravings.

  • Since the 1980s, National Philatelic Exhibitions of Washington, D.C., has been issuing souvenir cards in conjunction with their annual stamp show and banquet. Many can still be found in the Souvenir Sales section of the NAPEX website.

  • Back-issue souvenir cards from American Philatelic Society national shows are still available on the APS website.

Forum Topics

Numerous collector forums, both philatelic and numismatic, feature topics on or related to souvenir cards. These are good sources for expert information and answers to collector questions. Searches for "intaglio" or "vignette" on all these forum sites will bring up a wealth of related posts.


  • CoinTalk's Paper Money sub-forum has a long-running thread (active since 2010) on souvenir cards with more than 800 posts.

  • A new thread on philatelic souvenir cards has been started in the U.S. Back of Book subforum of Stamp Community Family and another on numismatic souvenir cards is active on the sister site, Coin Community Family , in its US Paper Money and Banknotes subforum.

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