Souvenir Card Publications
All books listed here except the Scott Catalog are out-of-print and only available in the secondary market.

Catalog of United States Souvenir Card-1981 with a section on United Nations Souvenir Cards
by Franklin R. Bruns, Jr. and James H. Bruns

Washington Press, 1980. This small-size (5.25" x 8") catalog was the first attempt to compile a visual and descriptive listing of Postal Service (PS), Bureau of Engraving and Printing (B), and United Nations Postal Administration (UN) souvenir cards issued up to that time. Price estimates are included.

Mellone's Photo Encyclopedia of Souvenir Cards
by Howard C. Tiffner

F.D.C. Publishing, 1997. This 104-page, spiral-bound, catalog provided visual images and brief descriptions. It uses the SCCS numbering system and served as an ordering platform for the author's business. Prices are included for both mint and show-canceled cards.

METRO Chapter Four of the Souvenir Card Collectors Society Catalog of Cards Issued First Edition Covering the Period 1994-1999
by Richard Moore

SCCS METRO Chapter, 2000. This was an illustrated catalog of the cards issued by the Chapter.

2018 Scott Specialized Catalogue of U.S. Stamps and Covers
edited by Donna Houseman; Amos Media, 2018 [issued annually]

This perfect-bound catalog devotes several pages to souvenir cards. Scott has devised their own catalog numbers, separating them by philatelic and numismatic categories. Only government-issued cards are listed (USPS and BEP), with a section for UN cards.

Souvenir Cards: A Visual Reference
by William Kriebel

Souvenir Card Collectors Society, 2008, 2009, 2012, and 2015. This three-hole punched publication was an attempt to provide small visual images as a means of identifying individual cards. Prices were not ascribed. Subsequent editions added the latest cards to the numbering system. It is periodically updated in the Souvenir Card Journal.

The Souvenir Card Collectors Society Numbering System for Forerunner and Modern Day Souvenir Cards
by Curtis Radford, M.D.

Souvenir Card Collectors Society, 1989, 1991, and 1992. This 240+ page, perfect-bound catalog established the numbering used by the Society, and expanded on the Bruns' work. Supplements added further information and cards.

100 special edition copies were hard bound (pictured on right), with three cards bound in: N-1, SO-42, and an engraved frontspiece.