Souvenir Card Dealers

  • Long-time SCCS member Ken Barr has been a souvenir card dealer for more than 35 years. His inventory is currently the largest in the country His website provides a good visual reference of card images.

  • Lee Quast , another veteran SCCS dealer member, has sold cards for several decades under the name Amerishow. He often produces his own intaglio souvenir cards (our Q category). He currently sells through his eBay store, Lee's World Paper.
  • Falmouth Stamp & Coin , near Boston, has a wide selection of souvenir cards and related material, including some seldom seen Forerunner cards and American Bank Note items.
  • World Paper Money in Texas carries an extensive selection of BEP and SO cards (many show-cancelled) and even some forerunner and Society cards; all items include detailed descriptions. You'll find his hpear-tex Currency Store on Ebay.

  • Florida Currency & Coins , run by member Ed Kuzmar, currently lists about 700 cards in their eBay store, fla_currency_coins, including ABNC, BEP, and many private cards.

  • Most of the early souvenir cards issued by the United Nations (our UN category) , including many with first day cancellations, are available through UNStamps, a leading dealer in UNPA material.