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What is a souvenir card?

Souvenir cards typically include these features:

  • They are mementos or souvenirs of a particular occasion, exposition, or hobbyist show.
  • They are not postally valid or intended for use as postcards.
  • Most are printed on high quality card stock using intaglio methods (steel plate engravings).
  • Intaglio souvenir cards showcase the finest work of American bank note engravers.
  • "Official" cards are authorized and printed by the U.S. government or commercial bank note printers. "Unofficial" cards are printed by private printing companies or individuals.

Since 1981, the Souvenir Card Collectors Society has worked to promote this hobby and to help collectors understand and catalog the many types of souvenir cards in existence. More than 1,000 varieties of intaglio souvenir cards have been issued since 1960 and hundreds more non-intaglio varieties. The Society maintains an ongoing numbering system as new cards are issued.

The SCCS is the only not-for-profit organization specifically devoted to collectors of souvenir cards and intaglio prints. We welcome new members and those interested in learning and contributing their knowledge about souvenir cards and bank note engravings.