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Over the decades, more than a thousand types of souvenir cards have been issued at smaller hobby shows by local coin and stamp organizations. Nearly all of these were printed using commercial lithography, usually in relatively small numbers. Because these do not meet the criteria for listing in the official SCCS catalog (not issued by a national hobby organization) they have been generally ignored, though there are collectors who value them.

Thanks to the work of Don Epp, examples of private cards issued in the U.S. are being documented. Don has devised his own numbering system for these cards, separated by state, and though not officially sanctioned by the Society, this information may help interested members organize their collections.

Nearly two hundred private numismatic cards have been identified so far. The most current list is posted here, both in Excel and PDF format. Separate PDF files containing images for all the card listings have also been posted. These can be downloaded by clicking on the icons of the files to be downloaded.

Documenting private philatelic cards is the next phase of this project, but these represent a significantly larger number of items. We hope to publish further documents some time in 2024.

Collectors who can supply scans and information for cards not yet included should contact Don Epp directly.
Private Numismatic Cards

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Private Philatelic Cards

Access to the files for US Private Philatelic Cards will be placed in this area when the data is ready.

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