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For Sale: Souvenir Cards - BEP, USPS, UN, PPU and ASDA, mint and cancelled.  No. 10 SASE (86) for lists.  Stephen Goceliak (831), P.O. Box 157, Fords, NJ 08863    BUYING selected BEP, ABNCo, USPS, Forerunner and other souvenir cards.  Please see the "Buying List" on my website or write for a hard copy.  (Selling too!) Ken Barr, P.O. Box 32541, San Jose, CA 95152

For Sale: Washington Chapter One is offering computer-generated color cards.  Send a SASE (50) for the full-color list.  John Shue, P.O. Box 35, Brogue, PA, 17309-0035    WANTED Your free ad here for members!  Mail ("e" or "snail") to the Journal Editor.  Ads will be repeated four (4) times unless you request otherwise.  There is NO charge for current members.

Wanted: Philatelic Truck related material wanted by exhibitor.  Also: NPM Card (SO-164) signed and/or cancelled.  Please contact: Greg A. Hopkins, Sr. (2031) (t)602.954.8175;  (f)602.957.2910;  or (e) Email me    WANTED TO BUY: Early Mike Bean cards - MB-1 - MB-29 (need 15 cards in the group total).  If interested in offering/selling contact Email me - Thanks!  Steve Pladna (141)

Wanted: Know a young person (under 25) who would like to join the S.C.C.S?  Let me know I will sponsorship their membership for a year, for up to five (5) new young members!  Lorne Lavertu (153) Email me    For Sale: NEW! PRICES REDUCED!  100s of souvenir cards:  mint, cancelled.  Lists:  Stan Miller (647), Email me.  Also, please see -> Advanced Search -> aftertheblue.

For Sale:  SO-164 Gross Gallery Opening Souvenir Card, mint, $3.00 ppd.  Send check to Lyle Boardman, 3916 Wyldwood Road, Austin, TX 78739-3005.  For multiple copies Email Me.    For Sale:  White Ace BEP Souvenir Card Binders, list $41.95.  Like new for $26.00 plus post.  Four available.  Contact the Editor.

For Sale:  Scott U.S. Specialized Catalogues:  2015 - $40;  2016 - $50;  2017 - $60.  Or best offer.  Only 1 each.  Plus postage Media Mail.  Contact the Editor.      



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